Can i flash image to Jetson TX2 with using ethernet?

Is it possible to flashing Jetson TX2 with using ethernet?

No. Recovery mode turns the Jetson into a custom USB device. Part of the flash software, known as the “driver package”, is what understands the custom USB device, and will run on Ubuntu 18.04 (more Linux releases work if you give up the GUI and use command line).

Does using OTA(Over-the-Air Update) make it possible to flashing image with ethernet ?

It is possible to upgrade things with OTA. But it does not really “flash”.

Depends on what definition your “flash” is here.

What I mean by flash here is to take an image from jetson tx2, which previously contained some developer software packages (eg opencv, pytorch, etc.), and throw that image into another jetson tx2.

It can do. But you need to do the work by yourself.

Actually, what you want to do does not really need a full flash. It is just kind of installation.

The “flash” I am talking about has more focus on flash the bootloader or kernel stuff. Not for tools in userspace.

Please check

First of all, thank you for your answer, but I’m sorry for the wrong explanation. I got full flash (bootloader + kernel) and created .img & .img.raw files on Tegra tx2 developer board. Can I flash this image file(.img.raw) to other Tegra tx2 developer boards using full flash(bootloader + kernel) via OTA?

I don’t think the image you are talking about does not include bootloader.

For reference, when you do OTA update the system is fully booted. It only updates via packages, and those packages are compatible with the existing kernel and boot content.

The .img and .img.raw are bit-for-bit exact binaries which would overwrite the entire rootfs. The system cannot be running normally for this because you’d be replacing running content. 100% of the filesystem would be unreadable until the process is complete, and software would require access of the filesystem prior to completion of the direct copy (direct copy uses the dd command; you’d even be overwriting that as it runs). Plus, if the other system did not already have the correct boot content, then adding the new .img or .img.raw would fail boot much of the time even if the rootfs itself were 100% successfully copied. A full flash adds both boot content and rootfs.

If you happen to have all of the .deb package files you need to update present, then you could use the apt mechanism to install those and upgrade. Note that this is all apt does, except the location of those .deb files are repository servers. You can put those .deb files on the local system and manually tell apt to install those. However, unless you don’t have a network, or the files are not on standard repositories, there isn’t much point in doing that manually.

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