Can I get GPU's profile of Tensorflow's mnist by Nvidia Visual profiler?


I just started study Deep Learning ,and I try to use various DL-Frameworks.

I use Ubunt14.04 , CUDA7.5 and Maxwell TIYUN X.

I could get GPU’s profiles of both the Chainer and Caffe by using Nvidia Visual Profiler.

Now I try to get GPU’s profile of Tensorflwos’ mnist. But I got some erros.

I’d really appreicaite it if anyone tell the way to solve this issue.


1.I installed Tensorflow by “pip install” and I confirmed correct operation of Tensorflow’s mnist.

2.I tried to get GPU’s profile , “” it is minist code of Tensorflow.
But Visual profiler sjow alot of errors as below.

3.So I found nice URL

4.Hence I add !/use/bin/env python at the begin of python code and did chmod +X

5.I retry to get GPU’s profile of Tensorflow’s mnist.

6.But I got Importred Error:numpy as below.

7.I did python >>> import numpy ,but I did not get no-errors as blow.

8.I can not the reason why the import numpty error did in Visual profiler.

Please teach me the way to get GPU’s profile of Tensorflow’s mnist.


I profile the at my desktop, it works OK. Timeline generated.

please make sure you can run below command directly to make sure the env is OK
$ python

Then if you want to profile using nvvp, you can select /usr/bin/python as the binary and the script as the argument.

This works for me.

Please have a try.

Thank you fpr your reply ,verai

I checheck $pyhon
It was OK, but I could not get good result.

I guessed taht it was Python minor error, and uninstall python and tensorflow,and re-install them again.

So I could get Trnsorflow’s profile.

Thank you for your advice.