Can I increase PWM pin in nano?

Hi, NVs,
I am using nano gpio pin for led control, and I have achieved pwm control with pin32 and pin33 in 40pin header. I have two question.

  1. The output volte of pwm is range from 0 to 1.5V, rather than 0 to 3V, so whether it can changed?
  2. I want more pwm pin for more device control independently, so can I set other pin for pwn function? Or whether it has more pwm pin?


hello zongxp,

please check pinmux spreadsheets, you can only modify the pins with 3.3V capable for 0V to 3V.
there’re pin configurations, you may toggle the pin settings and change the pinmux configuration applied by the software.
may I know how many PWM you’re asking for, there’re four PWMs, each channel has a programmable frequency divider and a programmable pulse width generator.

Hi, @JerryChang ,

Thanks for your reply.

How can I change the pinmux configuration by the software? One way I known is by tool.

I ask 6 PWM pins in one jetson nano kit(4g), so can I get it?


hello zongxp,

you may download pinmux spreadsheets to modify the settings and creating the *.dtsi files to update the target.

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