Can I install Clara SDK (for med imaging) on Nano?

If so, whats the requirements?
Does it need JetPack before installation?

If not possible, how can I do medical imaging analytics on Nano?
What do I need to install before start coding.


Thank you for your interest in Clara. Jetson Nano does not support Clara Train and Clara Deploy SDKs at the moment. For medical imaging analytics ; it might be worthwhile to look into our NVIDIA Jetson family and the Developer Kit / SDK that comes along with it:

In addition; we have a rich ecosystem of developers and partners specializing in hardware and application design services, sensors, and more.

JetPack comes with a rich suite of libraries and reference applications to get you started; might be worthwhile to take a closer look into DeepStream as well.

Hope this helps get you started.

I’m thinking about that too.I guess if the minimum requirements are met (NVIDIA driver 410or above),the clara train sdk can be installed on low cost hardware. But it won’t work if the model too heavy.

I tried to run my own model using Clara train sdk, but it’s difficult to run non-image task.