Can I Jetson Nano 2GB use only CLI

I’m using Jetson Nano 2GB.

I will study basic deep learning using Jetson Nano.
I will use jupyter notebook hosted by Jetson Nano on my laptop.
I think the offical image provided by NVIDIA is too heavy, so I want to use Jetson Nano at the CLI.
So I have a few questions.
I’m sorry I spoke silly English.

  1. Is there a reason why I use GUI?
    For example, some programs only work at the GUI.

  2. I’m following these posts. Are they about installing the CLI?
    Compiling Custom Kernel Modules on the Jetson Nano | Kevin's Blog
    Offline Install :: NVIDIA SDK Manager Documentation

  3. I want to use cooling pan. So I will solder 4pin header and use a cooler for Jetson Nano 4GB. Is there a problem?

  4. Why can’t I use SDK Manager on Ubuntu 21.10?

Thank you for reading.

Cooler img

For CLI, I don’t have experience and can’t have the answer.
It’s up to your decision if you want to follow some blogs on your study, however we can’t support those issues happened on those none NV toturials.
Regarding the cooling fan, you better confirm how to drive on Jetson platform and the power supply way is suitable.
The Jetson related development SDKs/Tools can only support on Ubuntu 18.04, please try with this version.


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