Can I load USD data from bytes data instead of files?

I’m developing an extension of Isaac sim, which function is to load USD data. But I want to load it from memory instead of local files. for example, I want to call a http method to retrieve the data from remote server and deserialize the response body into usd data, then just transform these bytes into usd format by using usd library, without saving it into local file. But so far I just saw usd file importers in the api documents. Is there any api can meet my need?
BTW, is isaac-sim using pixar’s usd library to deal with USD data ?

Isaac Sim and Omniverse in general is based on pixar’s USD library but we with some modifications, and we have added our own schemas.

So is native pixar’s library compatible with Isaac Sim? Can I use the native library to develop an Isaac Sim extension?

All of the native pxr usd python APIs are available and can be used in an Isaac Sim extension or other Omniverse applications

You can use the UsdLayer ExportToString/ImportFromString APIs as one way to load a stage from data in memory.

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Sorry for the late reply. Since last few weeks I haven’t put much attention on forums. It’s a good news for me, thanks. Will read these docs and try to make it out

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