Can I mix 10GigE and IB on an ESXi (v5.1 u1) host?

Just started building our VMware environment. The servers (DL380p Gen8) each have an MT26448 10GigE card installed. I would like to add in a QDR IB card on each server for the backend VMware datastore (not necessarily for passthrough at this point, only for shared VM image storage). I noticed while setting up the 10GigE card for networking that I had installed the v1.8.1 OFED driver (Mellanox) and vSphere interpreted the card as a storage interface. I then installed v1.6.1.2 of the net-mlx4-en network driver, but vShpere still interpreted the card as storage. I then removed all components of the OFED driver, after which vShpere then recognized the MT26448 as a network interface.

My question is this – if we add an ConnectX IB card into the mix, is there some configuration of the drivers that will allow vSphere to recognize the IB card as a storage interface and the 10GigE card as a network interface simultaneously?



Hi! I have a same problems and give up it now!

Because there is a compatibility issue on core driver.

Both IB and ETH require Mellanox core driver, but difference in version and compatibility. If Mellanox release common core driver for both IB and ETH then it’s possible…:)