Can I monitor a common block?


I am pretty new to both Fortran and pgdbg. Currently I am working on a big Fortran program, which have several named common blocks. When I print or type of a named common block, it says NO TYPE for the common block. Would it be possible to do it with pgdbg?

Hi L Huang,

You should be able to use the print command to view the contents of a common block (See Section 1.10.5, so I’m not sure why your getting this error. Are you able to print out the common block’s elements? Is your common block named?

  • Mat


Thanks for your reply.
I am actually looking at named common blocks. And I can print the member variables of a common block, but not the common block by print the_name_of_common_block.

L Huang

Hi L Huang,

I’m not sure since it should work. Unfortunatley our office is closed this week so it will be next wek before I can ask our Tools group.

Sorry for the delay,