Can I mount an expansion board for Jetson Nano on Orin Nano?

I have an orin nano developer kit. I would like to install an expansion board such as CAN expansion board, GPS expansion board, and relay expansion board here, but there is no information for orin nano. Only about the parts for the jetson nano, can the expansion board designed for the jetson nano be mounted on the orin nano? I’d appreciate it if you could answer.
These are the items I’m trying to fit in.
SIM7600G-H 4G for Jetson Nano - Waveshare Wiki

RS485 CAN for Jetson Nano - Waveshare Wiki

3-CH Relay for Jetson Nano - Waveshare Wiki

Suggest to contact with the vendor first.

Hi, please refer to the carrier board spec: Jetson Orin Nano Developer Kit Carrier Board Specification

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