Can I mount the TX2 to a host Ubuntu computer?

My ubuntu on TX2 cannot boot because of incorrect ‘fstab’ file, and I want to repair this file.
So I determine to mount my TX2 to a ubuntu host, but now I cannot read the TX2 on host, anybody know how I can fix this problem?

Thanks in advance.

Jetson’s do not become a hard drive in recovery mode, and normally the micro-OTG connector does not have anything programmed to happen when a type-B connector is used (typically a music device or smart phone would become a hard drive, but this is custom to every device).

Do you have a serial console? If so, then there are things you can try, such as booting to an SD card as rescue. It depends. Maybe an SD card would work as rescue even without a serial console.

You could also clone the system, edit the clone, and then write the edited clone back to the system.

For a rescue SD card you might try this (there are likely other issues beyond this, but it is the basic start):

  1. Format the first partition of the SD card as type ext4.
  2. As root (use sudo), unpack the sample rootfs on the SD card.
  3. Run the driver package's "" with the "-r" option to point at the SD card instead of using default location. Example: If SD is mounted on "/mnt", "sudo ./ -r /mnt".
  4. You still need to add "/boot" content, normally flash does this.
    • If you have flashed already, then the "rootfs/boot/" directory has what you need. Recursively copy this with sudo into the SD card's "/boot".
    • If you don't have this, on the SD card:
      • Create "boot/extlinux/extlinux.conf" via copy and rename from the driver package's "bootloader/t186ref/p2771-0000/extlinux.conf.sdcard".
      • Copy "kernel/Image" to "/boot" of the SD card.
      • Copy "bootloader/initrd" to "/boot" of the SD card (there may be a need to edit this, I don't know).

This might be ok for an SD card rescue, try this and reboot and see if it boots from SD. A serial console would make life easier.

Hi linuxdev,
Actually I have tried to boot from SD card, and it works on my another TX board. But the broken board cannot mount the SD Card automatically before(this is why I changed the ‘fstab’ file), leading to it cannot boot from the SD card to rescue something.

I don’t know what can I do now. Thanks for replying anyway ~

Do you have a serial console? See:

If U-Boot is up and running you might be able to get the SD card working (though there would be some experimentation…and I don’t know for sure if it would work, but it is a reasonable chance).