Can I pause physics simulation and change lighting for multiple times rendering


I am new to isaac sim. I am using isaac sim to generate large amount of synthetic data. The procedure goes like this:
1, I want to load some dynamic object into the scene and let them fall onto the gound.
2, During the falling process, I want to pause the physics simulation and randomly changing the lighting of the scene and preferably render multiple image from different camera viewports.
3, I already tried to turn off the original light and turn on another light, but there seems to have delays in switching the light. I mean it does not goes to dark immediately but gradually dims after I turn off the light.

Thank you for the help

Hi @mssonglin - You can try the Replicator’s randomization feature for that.

Here’s few docs link: 10.3. Offline Dataset Generation — Omniverse IsaacSim latest documentation

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