Can i run multiple jetson nano for object detection?

I want to run YOLO-Object Detector at higher performance than I can get with one jetson nano. Can i use 2 jetson nano for one YOLO-Object Detector code ?


What kind of input do you use?

If the camera source can be distributed easily.
(ex. 4x camera on 1x Nano → 2x camera on 2x Nano)
You can run the same YOLO pipeline on the two Nano devices to increase the fps directly.


Hi, thanks for quick reply.

1 camera source, 2 jetson nano.The camera is connect with first Nano.First and Second Nano is connect with cat5 cable with each other. if i can, can you tell me how ?

No idea if able to increase performance, may other developer help to hare experiences if done something similar.