Can I run redtail algorithm on Nvidia Jetson Nano 2GB?

We want to run Nvidia’s Redtail algorithm on the Jetson nano with 2 GB of ram. The goal is to make a drone that navigates through obstacles. Will 2 GB be enough? as the 4GB model is out of stock everywhere in my country, If not, can I use an SD Card as a swap memory and make it work somehow? Thanks


The sample is released several years ago so you may need some update to make it work.

Usually, we need ~1GiB memory for loading CUDA, cuDNN and TensorRT library.
So it will be very limited to deploy a DNN model on Nano 2GB.

More, the swap memory is not a GPU-accessible memory.
It won’t increase the capability of DNN inference.

We also have another devices that equipped with more memory.
You can find more details in the below page:


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Thank you so much

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