Can I set different render settings for two hydra textures/viewports?

I am trying to render thumbnails in the background while the main viewport/scene is still active, but this use case also applies if you wanted to have multiple viewports in an app. Within the codebase I have only seen settings which are “global” but I also see that HydraTextures have a get_settings_path function that returns something like /plugins/omni.hydratexture.plugin/_AXTEX/ (I assume the last bit is unique to each texture). Im not sure how, if possible, I would use this path to apply the settings to a specific texture. The settings I would like to change are:

POST_BACKGROUND_ZERO_APLHA_ENABLED = "/rtx/post/backgroundZeroAlpha/enabled" POST_BACKGROUND_ZERO_APLHA_COMPISITED = "/rtx/post/backgroundZeroAlpha/backgroundComposite"

I could also foresee wanting to use /rtx/rendermode so I could have both a path traced and real-time viewport simultaneously. Currently when I change these settings, it changes for both textures/contexts which is not what I want. I can push/pop the settings as is done in the MDL thumbnails extension but that still interrupts the user’s experience.

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