Can I set hdmi output fps?

So, is it real to edit EDID to required fps? And this guide is for TX2, for Jetson the same?

From jetson’s point of view, it does not really care about what kind of device you connected here.

It just takes this device as HDMI device/monitor which feed EDID to jetson. Jetson will just output the best mode as the edid told.

Current situation is just similar to your EDID said “this device can only support 720p@60”. Jetson just follows it.

This guidance are general for jetson tx1/tx2 and jetson nano. The driver code are same.

Ok, thank you for help! I will try

If you use ssh and “export DISPLAY=:0”, then you must not use the ssh options of either “-X” or “-Y”. Did you use either of those options? If you did, then it is referring to the wrong HDMI port. Also, if you have something like a virtual desktop set up, then the DISPLAY setting will need to change.

Note that HDMI has a wire with label “DDC”. The monitor itself has i2c circuitry in it, and when the GPU provides power to the monitor’s i2c circuitry (the GPU can query a monitor which does not have power), the monitor will send its EDID data over the DDC wire. The EDID is inside of the monitor’s ROM, and not the Jetson. All the Jetson can do is ask the monitor what its capabilities are, and then pick among those capabilities whatever modes also intersect the GPUs capabilities.

Okay, thanks for the explanation!

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