Can I set the boot kernel image file to mmcblk0p33's "/boot/Image" not mmcblk0p1?

I would like to use two root filesystem partition for ota update as below

  • mmcblk0p1 : original system1
  • mmcblk0p33 : new system2

I have made new partition and burned system2 image file into the new partition successfuly.

  1. /dev/mmcblk0p33 have mounted well
  2. On bootup time, I have changed “'root=/dev/mmcblk0p33” from “cbootargs” by using uboot command for select the new boot partition.
  3. And now I can see the new rootfs.
  4. But loaded kernel seems to be the previous one(system1’s /boot/Image).

How can I set the system2’s /boot/Image for boot kernel?

Thanks in advance.

The bootloader on jetson TX2 series is MB1 ->MB2 → Cboot ->Uboot → kernel.

Thus, actual component which tries to find your kernel, is the uboot. Maybe you can check the uboot source code for this part.