Can I set the DDR clock manually?

Hi, I want to use Jetson TX2 as a low power consumption mode by lowering the DDR clock frequency. Can I set DDR clock manually?
I know that using nvpmodel helps to reduce power consumption. But I would like to know other way if there is.

thank you for your help.

Not sure about changing the DDR itself, but you can set the Memory Controller (EMC) max frequency through sysfs. See the script from the home dir on the Jetson for an example of setting the governor for it, the CPU, and the GPU. This is the sysfs entry for the EMC:


Note that there are many other settings exposed to tweak if you look around (use ‘su’ as opposed to ‘sudo’ to access the protected directory).

Sorry for not getting back sooner but thank you for your answer.

I was able to find the setting.