Can I simply use the jetson nano uart pin as an input?

Hello, can I simply use the jetson nano uart pin (8,10) as an input? I wrote the code as below, but an error occurs.

import Jetson.GPIO as gpio
import time

from Jetson.GPIO.gpio import HIGH

SW1 = 14 #BCM 14, Board Pin 8
SW2 = 15 #BCM 15, Board Pin 10
SW3 = 16 #BCM 16, BOARD Pin 36

gpio.setup(SW2, gpio.IN)

while True :
    if gpio.input(SW2) == HIGH :
    else :

ValueError : Channel 15 is invalid

The above error occurs.
Thank you.

I think those pins are in use by a serial port, more info here.

It might be possible to use the pins after disabling the serial port that is using them. (Or the much easier solution is to use some different pins if at all possible)

This post describes how to disable uart2, which I think is the serial port that occupies the pins you want to use.

hello j613943745,

please access pinmux spreadsheets to have pin configuration.
you may also check developer guide for the instructions of pinmux changes.