Can I solve Unable to boot CPU core (1~5) in JP5.1.1 (R35.3.1)?

Hi, everyone.:
Now I am encountering similar problems:

The Xavier NX cannot activate all CPU cores after boot?

I found a similar problem in forums:

  1. Xavier NX boot failure of CPU
  2. Unable to boot cpu core(1~5)—-JP5.1.1 Xavier NX ubuntu 20.04

But I have no plans to update to the latest L4T version. Can I solve this problem in JP5.1.1?

Thank you.
Best Regargs,

We don’t debug on old BSP versions.
If it’s fixed in newer releases, then please upgrade.

Hi, @DaveYYY

I known it.

BTW, what is the reason for this, is it due to hardware design or a bug in the L4T version?

It should be a bug in older L4T version.

Thank you, DaveYYY,

Could you tell me what caused this.

I will want and try to fix it in Jetpack 5.1.1.

Please just upgrade.

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