Can I switch between 2 different sd cards both running already with os on jetson both are not cloned

I want to test 2 sd cards with os already runned both are not cloned is it possible to switch sd cards to boot

If both sdcard already ran on different boards before, then yes, you can switch them.

How about Im using only one board is it possible to switch between sd cards with different OS not cloned

Honestly, there is a risk to put jetpack4.5.1 sdcard image to old board. If you are using sdcard that is < jetpack4.5.1, then it is okay.

What do you mean by old board, I flashed jetpack 4.5.1 on both SD cards A and B, I already booted SD card A now I want to boot SD card B after that switch back to SD card A is it ok to switch between cards? Both 4.5.1

It is not only “sdcard” that has the jetpack version. The QSPI device on the module has the bootloader software which is also updated in every jetapck release too.

However, some users never try sdkmanager to flash their board. Thus, their booltoader on the module is always same as what it was when came out from the factory.

For example, when the jetson nano devkit is out from the factory, at that time, maybe it was jetpack4.2.1. However, your sdcard keeps updating, jp4.3, jp4.4.1, jp4.5.1. And this will cause some incompatibility of the sdcard and the QSPI one day.

Thus, on jp4.5.1, our sdcard image will try to update the QSPI on the module. It will need to take few min until the work is done. If you power off the device when the work is not yet done, your board may be broken. That is why I said it has risk to switch cards with jp4.5.1 sdcard image.

But once this update is done, then it is ok.

How do I know if QSPI is already 4.5.1 I already successfully booted 4.5.1 on the board currently installing ROS on SD card A. Does that mean my QSPI is now 4.5.1 ?

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Hence we are closing this topic. If need further support, please open a new one.

Dump the boot log from uart. The first line will have a version number. Paste it here and I can help check.

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