Can I switch On/Off the J15 power pins on Jetson Nano?

I am using a 3pin 5v fan (fan-4010-5v) with Jetson Nano. I know I cannot control the speed of the fan with 3 pins.

I am thinking if I can cut the power on the J15 to start and stop the fan when needed? Can this be done?

The 5V on J15 is system 5V supply, how can you cut it off?

Thanks for the reply

I was wondering if there could be some config file that can switch the power supply given to the 3pin fan on and off.

Do you mean to say J15 is connected straight to the powerline? I am a noob when it comes to electronics. Please explain What “5V on J15 is system 5v supply”.

5V on J15 can not be cut off as it is for system. No such switchable 5v supply on board, maybe you need to just keep fan powered always, anyhow it should be no problem to keep fan running full speed.