Can i upgrade openacc version?

I’m using HPC SDK 22.5 version on my Linux system. in SDK 22.5, openacc 2.7 version is installed by defalut.
I want to use the latest released openacc api, but I don’t know how to upgrade.
Is openacc 3.0 (or over) available in HPC SDK22.5? and how can i upgrade?

Hi ilseoknoh,

We still officially support up to the OpenACC 2.7 standard, though the 3.x standards mostly have to do with clarifications and clean-up. Is there a particular feature that you’re looking for?


Thanks Mat,

It is zero modifier of create and copyout data clause.
(added in OpenACC 3.0)

I’m optimizing my code, variables initialization (make a zero array) takes most part of wallclock (up to 55%).
So, I thought data create (or copyout) with zero modifier will make my code faster.

Yes, “zero” is one of the few new features and was thinking that’s what you might have wanted.

We do have an undocumented environment variables that you can use to do the same thing. NV_ACC_FILL and NV_ACC_FILL_VALUE

Setting NV_ACC_FILL will initialize arrays to the value set by NV_ACC_FILL_VALUE. If NV_ACC_FILL_VALUE is not set, the default value is “0xbad0bad1”. It’s primarily used to check for uninitialized device memory.