Can I upgrade the DGX-1 system memory

This might be a dumb question - we have a DGX-1 GPU server coming with 16 X 32G = 512G system memory. I would like to know whether I can upgrade the system memory to 1TB (16 X 64G), as I am not sure whether DGX-1 supports this DIMM size.

The current DIMM is 32 GB DDR4 LRDIMM. Does DGX-1 support 64G DIMM at all?

Our DGX-1 is for lab testing and NVIDIA doesn’t support DGX-1 any more, as such I cannot get answer from nvidia directly. Wonder whether anyone had experience upgrading the DGX-1 system memory.

Thanks in advance.


-Bill Chen

Hello Bill, thank you for reaching out!

64GB DIMMs are supported on DGX-1. We did sell them at one point, but I don’t see them on the price list anymore. They were 64GB LRDIMM 2666MHz DDR4.

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