Can I use cdrom on jetson agx xavier?

I am started to use Jetson AGX Xavier developer tool kit ,and it seems not able to connect to a CD driver,so I want to ask ifthere is anyway to read CDROM on Jetson AGX.

I don’t have answer for this issue, may other developers to sharing experiences.
Or you can find some reference from below:

For Ubuntu systrmrunning on PC, it seems easy to
recognize a cdrom driver, but I cannot do the same on a xavier, so I just want to know the operation to read a cdrom ,or I’ll have to update the system(currently ubuntu 18.04 LTS)?

CDROMs and DVDs for data will work on Jetsons. The trick is not trying to support a CD/DVD, but instead to add support for the filesystem type…ISO9660 plus Rock Ridge extensions or Joliet. This could be built as a kernel module and added via a simple file copy.

I am guessing that if you run the command "zcat /proc/config.gz | grep 'ISO9660' you will see this:
# CONFIG_ISO9660_FS is not set

Mostly if you add CONFIG_ISO9660_FS it should just work, but you might need to add user space software for Joliet or Rock Ridge extensions…not sure how that is distributed these days.