Can I use CSI interface directly without using tegra camera framework?

Hi there,

I got a customized CSI camera which uses FPGA to implement the CSI protocols. I’d like to read the data directly from the sensor with CSI interface, but without taking it as a CSI camera managed by tegra camera framework. Putting it another way, this device could be taken as a non-camera sensor which just uses CSI as its I/O interface but with no need to go through any camera-related pipelines.

I’m wandering if it’s possible in Jetson Linux and what should I do if it’s ok to do so? Thanks in advance.

hello visual2me,

it’s possible, there’re some positive test results with FPGA devices.

Thank you for your reply. Are there any documents on this topic, or could you kindly give me some quick guides on Howto?

please see-also developer guide, Sensor Software Driver Programming.
there’re also forum topics for your reference, such as… Topic 231075, and Topic 224037.

Thank you Jerry, really appreciated.

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