Can I use CUDA on my GPU?


I’d like to use GPU to accelerate my rigid body simulation program.
So I reference the sample program to study using GPU.
I think that sample program use GPU in SampleParticles and SampleCharacterCloth.
However, that sample programs can’t run on my PC.
It quit forcibly when I choose SampleParticles or SampleCharacterCloth.(other samples can move)

Then, I debug sample program, and I could find the crash point.
In PhysXSample.cpp line 915~

		PxCudaContextManagerDesc cudaContextManagerDesc;

		if (!mApplication.getCommandLine().hasSwitch("nointerop"))
			switch (getRenderer()->getDriverType())
			case Renderer::DRIVER_DIRECT3D9:
				cudaContextManagerDesc.interopMode = PxCudaInteropMode::D3D9_INTEROP;
			case Renderer::DRIVER_DIRECT3D11:
				cudaContextManagerDesc.interopMode = PxCudaInteropMode::D3D11_INTEROP;
			case Renderer::DRIVER_OPENGL:
				cudaContextManagerDesc.interopMode = PxCudaInteropMode::OGL_INTEROP;

			cudaContextManagerDesc.graphicsDevice = getRenderer()->getDevice();
---------->crash mCudaContextManager = PxCreateCudaContextManager(*mFoundation, cudaContextManagerDesc, mProfileZoneManager);
		if( mCudaContextManager )
			if( !mCudaContextManager->contextIsValid() )
				mCudaContextManager = NULL;

interopMode is set D3D9_INTEROP.
The program is crash when the program execute PxCreateCudaContexManager.

*Development environment
OS : Windows 7
IDE: Visual Studio 2012
GPU: Quadro 600
CUDA: I install CUDA 7

My GPU is too old to use CUDA on PhysX?

If you have a good advice, please teach me.

Sorry for my poor English.