Can I use CUDA toolkit 9 along with CUDA toolkit 11.8 in windows 11 using docker

Hello, I am trying to do an inference of a github. I came across an error that states that " ModuleNotFoundError: No module named ‘correlation_cuda’ ?". When searching for the error I got a lead here . My tried installing cuda toolkit 9 alongside cuda toolkit 11.8 but got a prompt from installer that says " do not install as the hardware might not support ". I am running a Nvidia GEFORCE RTX 3070 Ti .

What should I do :

  1. Should I dual boot my system with UBUNTU 20 and get the cuda toolkit 9 installed ( As the hardware still be the same I doubt this would help)
  2. Should I installed a docker and use the nvidia docker with WSL2.

Need help and suggestions here .