Can I use CYPD4126-40LQXI in place of CYPD4226-40LQXI as PD controller

The CYPD4226-40LQXI IC is not available right now except through unacceptable 3rd party brokers.

I was wondering if the firmware for the CYPD4226 will work on the CYPD4126. On our carrier board we only need 1 USB-C connector and the CYPD4126-40LQXI is currently available through acceptable distributors. If not is there a way to rework the CYPD4226 firmware to to work with a CYPD4126?

We are using the Jetson AGX Xavier Industrial

Not sure but it should not be compatible. Please contact Cypress for further support.

Will do. Thanks for your response. On a similar note we will have a USB 3.1 Type A hooked up as shown in Figure 7-1 on the design guide. Please forgive my ignorance, but will it be possible to connect a USB dock to the 3.1 Type A if connected as shown in Figure 7-1?

Do you mean connecting to a USB hub? If yes, it shall be no problem. One concern is power supply. If the USB devices connected to the hub requires significant power, the devices may not work properly and we suggest use USB hub with external power supply. The other is that multiple devices share 10Gbps bandwidth. If the devices require significant bandwidth, it may not be stable in running the devices simultaneously.

Hello DaneLLL. We mean to be able to connect to a Dock. The Dock is powered on it’s own. It contains several USBs and 2 HDMI ports. The plan is really to only use the Dock for troubleshooting. The Dock we are using worked with the Dev Kit Board through the USB C connectors. I was just hoping it would also work through the USB 3.1 Type-A as shown in Figure 7-1.

It depends on the Dock you choose. I don’t see issue on Xavier side.

Ok. I was using a dock with the dev kit board so I’m assuming that same one will work.

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