Can I use it out of the Box for my Apps? Can I use it out of the Box for my Apps

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I’m new bee. I’m not a Technical guy to understand the software hardware terminologies. Please apologize me for that.

I just have one question. Can I use Tesla Platform out of the box for my simulation to get faster results? My intended application is a reliability analysis tool called BlockSim from Since, we don’t own the source code, we have no control over it. Is it still possible to force any application to leverage the Tesla’s computational power?
My pain is, the current system takes several weeks or even months to provide the results depending up on the complexity of the model used. Currently I have Pentium Dual Core machine with 1 GB Ram and running windows XP SP2 with all the patches.

Any advice will be of great help. Thanks a lot for your help and time.

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Nope. You have to re-architect your source code to take advantage of Tesla or any other GPU.

This is a question you should direct to ReliaSoft.