Can I use java for AI training??

I’m planning to use JTX-2 for my personal robotics project with AI.
I’m familiar with python but my team with Java knowledge so I wanted to know how could I use it for my project.

Is it available in India? If yes then what will be the cost of it?

Thanks & Regards
Oh_BoY(aka Jay Soni)

Short answer is: Not recommended.

Long answer is: Java can call into whatever C code you want, using JNI. Thus, you can write adapters to whatever libraries you want to use, using JNI bindings. I don’t know of any bindings for the libraries that are provided by default on the Jetson, so you might have to create those yourself.

Java can also call into other tools using sub-process invocation. Use existing Python and C++ tools, and call them as commands from the Java process. Talk to them using pipes or sockets.

I’d recommend knowing C/C++ and Python to get the most out of a Jetson with robotics. Only Python will get you a fair bit, but may start becoming limiting once you want to push the system to its limits.

Yes, we’ve seen several Jetson users from India on these forums. You can check the India section of the NVIDIA store for pricing and availability: