Can I use ‘Jetson Xavier NX Developer Kit’ to attend course ‘Getting Started with AI on Jetson Nano’?

I may buy one of below
A. Jetson Xavier NX Developer Kit
B. Jetson TX2 Developer Kit

In course ‘Getting Started with AI on Jetson Nano’, could I get the project codes to run on ‘Jetson Xavier NX Developer Kit’ or ‘Jetson TX2 Developer Kit’?
Or where can I get the project codes?
Or how can I get the similar SD card images for ‘Jetson Xavier NX Developer Kit’ or ‘Jetson TX2 Developer Kit’?

Thank you!

Unless you already have some projects based on TX2 I would prefer the Xavier NX as this is much more powerful than the TX2.

The “Hello AI world” tutorial are based on Jetson-Inference which is compatible with Jetson Nano/TX1TX2 and Xavier AGX/NX.

Follow the “Getting started - Documentation” section for your Jetson/Xavier model here, there are links to the SD card images and instructions how to install:

thank you dkreutz for your quick response! :)

I want to connect 3 or more cameras to the Xavier NX Developer Kit, is it possible?

I may buy some USB web camera, but I did not find that Xavier NX Developer Kit support the usb camera in its user guide.

or, is it support 3 or more ethernet cameras?

Xavier NX has two MIPI CSR port where you can connect compatible cameras (RPI camera via ribbon cable). There are some carrier boards available that feature more than two MIPI CSR ports, look at Jetson Partner Products page.
I have successfully used webcams over network RTSP stream (Wifi or Ethernet) on my Xavier. You should also be able to use USB cameras (didn’t try it myself).

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thank you dkreutz :)