Can i use my containers from jetson nano on windows or linux?

Hello.I have a container, based on: jetson-inference/docs/ at master · dusty-nv/jetson-inference · GitHub (i installed matplotlib. trt_pose, torc2trt and some other additional packages in it).

Can i use this container on windows or linux somehow, or it works only on jetson ?

Can i docker load containers which were docker saved on jetson nano on my pc with windows or linux ?

Hi @A98, no those containers were built for JetPack/ARM64 and are not multi-arch. What I would actually recommend is using the NGC PyTorch container, which is built for x86_64 and will run in x86 Linux (and probably Windows through WSL2)

From your other posts, it appears that you are trying to export the trt_pose ONNX models and having trouble - if you’re just trying to get the pre-trained models from the trt_pose github exported, I believe I have those already that you can download here:

(see the files beginning with Pose-*.tar.gz)

Thanks for the reply.

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