Can i use passthrough in VM with my Geforce 3090?

here is my Hardware spec.

CPU : Intel Xeon Scalabel Gold 6226R x 2
Memory : 128GB
GPU : NVIDIA GeForce RTX3090 x 4
OS : Windows or Ubuntu
VM OS : Ubuntu(maybe) x 3

I want to configure a passthrough environment with my RTX3090.

is this possible?

Hi there @vkjw1420 and welcome to the NVIDIA developer forums.

In general most modern VM solutions allow generic GPU pass-through or Direct I/O. This is something that your VM of choice should document, including explanation of what drivers for the GPU are required. But usually that setup targets single GPU configurations. You might only be able to use your cards as single independent instances.

For Datacenter or server settings however both NVIDIA and for example VMWare recommend use of vGPU setups. The downside for your setup is that those require server or workstation GPUs and do not support consumer GPUs like the RTX 3090.

I hope this helps.