Can I use PhysX 3.3 SDK on a server without a GPU?


I’m developing a physics simulation that I need to run on a server. The server is a simple cloud based server with Ubuntu with 1-4 CPU cores (specifically, the cheaper ones provided by DigitalOcean).

I’m trying to build the SDK on that machine, but there are compiler errors etc. So before I start to fix those, I just wanna make sure I’m not trying to fix something that is not going to run on this machine.

Can PhysX be run on that kind of machine? (I’m aware I might not get real-time physics on a network based machine without GPU’s, but that’s fine).

It’s possible to run physx with a cpu dispatcher and get good performance depending on your use case. I couldn’t say for sure that it never accesses the GPU but it seems pretty unlikely. I’m fairly sure that you can run it on platforms without nvidia GPUs and it seems weird that they’d in some way force you to have a GPU, given this.

Yes, it makes totally sense to me as well! thank you!