Can I use Tesla P4 and Tesla T4 at the same time on one machine?

Here is the problem, I have a micro cloud environment using docker and kubernetes. After installing the 410.104 driver and CUDA 10.0, one of the docker pod can’t be pulled up, its broken. Any suggestions for using these two kinds of GPU together? Thanks for your valuable suggestions

You should be able to use them at the same time.

But how to deal with the drivers, they seem not to be compatiable. Once I installed the older version like 396, the T4 couldn’t be recognized on the machine

That’s true, if you install an old enough driver, T4 won’t be recognized. Use the latest driver for the T4, it will also recognize the P4.

And if you are doing this in a docker setup, I recommend that you install this driver in the base machine, and then use the nvidia-docker plugin to properly populate the container.

I will try it.Thank you very much!