Can I use the barrel jack from the router?

my Jetson Nano has been suffering from under voltage in 5W mode, probably due to the under supply through the micro usb port since connecting peripherals adds a lot of load.
Recently, I found a barrel jack connector from my router that outputs 9V 600mah. Is there any way I can use it with my nano since it comes out to be 5.4W and would supply cleaner over a longer period of time.

9V on the barrel jack will kill your devkit.

Just read the docs. Jetson Nano Developer Kit User Guide says: “Power jack for 5V⎓4A power supply. (The maximum supported continuous current is 4.4A.) Accepts a 2.1×5.5×9.5 mm plug with positive polarity.” It’s that simple: You need a power source that can supply 5V at up to 4A.

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