Can I use the codec chip ALC5640 on jetson Nano?

I checked P3737-A04.
Schematic diagram of Jetson Orion Developer Kit Carrier Board, I found that ALC5640 was used in the audio part. I want to design a carrier board and use this on the Nano. Does Nano support ALC5640 as an audio chip?
The following is the I2S schematic diagram of the Nano carrier board:

Schematic diagram of CODEC part in Jetson Orion carrier board:

I found that both nano channels have been used, and I want to use I2S and GPIO9 in the 40pin pin for ALC5640. Is this possible?

Please refer to the Nano Design Guide in DLC for Audio par design. There is Audio Codec Connection Example in it for reference.

I’m sorry I didn’t understand which file DLC is. I didn’t find it in the download center. Could you please tell me what the file name of DLC is?

Can you visit this site “”?

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