Can I use the same IP address, VLAN, Mpo for the IPL in 2 different MLAG Pair but connected to same uplink switch?

I have an MLAG Pair using the following for the IPL:

  • VLAN 4000
  • Mpo1
  • Peer1 =
  • Peer2 =

Can I have another MLAG Pair, with the same VLAN, Mpo number and IP address for its IPL?

Both “pairs” would be connected to an uplink switch (core switch)

Would this work? Or do I need to make them unique across MLAG pairs?


Hi Shadowplay,

I assume you are referring to the IPL Port-channel (PO) and not MPO (Mlag Port-channel).
The answer is yes - ipl vlan address can be reused ( it’s not a best practice)as once the IPL vlan interface is configured, that VLan is removed / can’t be configured on any other switchport. it’s just used in the IPL PO.