Can I use the Ubuntu 14.04 in TX2 with 64 bit?

I use the Ubuntu 14.04 in 64 bit to explore ROS. But the hardware in TX1 does not satisfy the requirements. So I need to use the TX2 with Ubuntu in 14.04 in 64 bit. So I want to know whether I can install Ubuntu 14.04 in 64 bits in TX2. And can you help me to install IT?

The initial L4T R24.1 was the last supplied rootfs which was Ubuntu 14.04 on the TX1. However, this was 32-bit in user space (64-bit in kernel space). Starting at R24.2 (Ubuntu 16.04) 64-bit was supported. I wouldn’t recommend R24.1, and R24.2.1 was significantly more stable than R24.2.

There may be people who can help you get what you want working under Ubuntu 16.04, but I do not personally have any experience with this.

Just realized: You are talking in the TX2 forum (but mention TX1), and those above releases are TX1. There has never been any release of a TX2 with Ubuntu 14.04.