Can I use X11 display to show video data?

I login my remote server using SSH, so is there any way to show video data by using X11?
I found that all sample demos use EGL, but it can’t meet my need.

Ssh -X won’t work, unfortunately. You’ll need to use some sort of network sink like rtsp, but you’ll want to set up some sort of encryption to connect to it, either TLS, which is built in to RtspServerSink (used by deepstream_app), by RTSP and an nginx reverse proxy, by using another sink like srt, or by setting up a vpn. You can of course just forward a port and connect the rtsp stream creaeted by deepstream_app directly but anybody in between could see your video stream and any credentials you use. This is true of any RTSP stream.

Please see the FAQ.

  • How can I specify RTSP streaming of DeepStream output?

You can enable remote display by adding an RTSP sink in the application configuration file. The sample configuration file source30_720p_dec_infer-resnet_tiled_display_int8.txt has an example of this in the [sink2] section. You must set the enable flag to 1.

Once you enable remote display, the application prints the RTSP URL, which you can open in any media player like VLC.

Security is not problem, in fact, server and client are in same internal network.
I just want to see the inference result including the video.

You can use RTSP directly then, no problem. See the FAQ link above for how.