Can I use Zero-Copy Operations on Alienware

I have a M15X Alienware… one of the latest models the one with the i7’s.

My graphics card is a GTX260M. I’ve tryed to use the sample from nvidia site and it told me I can’t. But I’m pretty sure I read the 200 series is supposed to have that enabled.

Do I need to install something for it to work?


If the nvidia driver in your machine is not the latest one, it may not support CUDA. So download the latest driver with cuda support from nvidia site and try it.
Also if you are not having the cudart.lib in your application folder, download the cuda toolkit and install it, sothat you will get cudart.lib in your machine. This should make your machine ready to run any cuda application .

And if you are particularly asking about application with zero copy, use the function ‘cudaGetDeviceProperties’ and check the field ‘canMapHostMemory’ to check whether your card supports zero copy. See section 3.1.3 of ‘Cuda Best Practices guide 2.3’

GTX260M is not a real 200-series device, despite what the name predicts.

It’s a compute 1.1 device according to the cuda programming guide.


That card is a G92 derivative (so a relative of the 9800GT), and doesn’t support zero copy. The only compute 1.1 devices which support zero copy are the MCP79a/Ion integrated chipsets. Otherwise you need a GT200 or newer (so compute capability 1.2,1.3 or 2.0) card for zero copy.

dam! :(

thanks all for the replies…

it was very helpful :D