Can Jetracer car Kit do everything that Jetbot Kit can do?

I am looking at this JetRacer Pro AI kit.

Can this do everything that JetBot AI kit?

I am new to this to get into ML and in the selection guide, Jetbot uses Jetbot program library which I think is generic enough and would like to use it where as JetRacer has JetRacer & DonkeyCar as program library instead of JetBot.

JetRacer feels very specific to racing but I feel that JetRacer AI does include most of the component I want to use in a package.

Can anyone confirm that JetRacer AI kit hardware is pretty much enhanced verion of the JetBot AI kit and it can do everything JetBot AI kit can do?

I do not think that JetTracer is an enhanced version of JetBot.
Two different concepts.

However, it’s sure that porting Jetbot examples to JetRacer is very interesting.
And adding more features, e.g IMU, ROS, range cameras to JetRacer.

Wish someone can verify if it works or not!

I just need a JetRacer car to do what I tell it to do based on the ML