Can Jetson Nano production module boot from SD card?

I have a Jetson Nano production module equipped with a eMMC properly flashed with a running set of partitions.
This module is mounted on a custom carrier board with a SD card slot that is working well as mass storage device.
I am wondering IF and HOW to boot from SD card instead of eMMC.
I mean to force the BootROM to use the SD card as boot media.
I wouldn’t like to load u-boot from eMMC and then to boot Linux from SD Card.

This could be interesting to distribute complete system upgrades.



Only rootfs/kernel/kernel-dtb is able to move the sdcard. Other bootloader components are still on eMMC.
Not sure if this case is ok for you.

Would be possible for a kernel booted from SD card to flash LNX partition on eMMC? (how?..)
This case will let us to distribute system upgrades including also u-boot.


I’am a colleage of Andrea. Are there hardware straps in order to choose the boot source?
If yes what are the boot sources that work with the Jetson Nano Production Module.
Thanks in advance.

FYI, you can do a lot with “dd”, but the Jetson itself cannot run in recovery mode to use the usual flash tools at the same time it boots to SD. Furthermore, the flash binary executable is built for a Linux desktop PC and could not execute on anything arm64. If you do use dd, then you would have to deal with signing for anything except the rootfs itself. The signing tools are on the Linux desktop PC architecture.