Can Jetson TX2 receive serial data with baudrate more than 115200?


We have jetson TX2 module with ellroy Connectech carrier board. The Serial port on ellroy carrier board is TTYS0 and TTYTHS2.

Later, we have to receive data from sensor with max 2000 packet/second (@packet = 40 byte). So, the serial configuration required is to use baudrate 921600 in both sensor and Jetson TX2.

We have tried to send data to the jetson gradually using various baudrates, up to 115200 baudrate, the jetson TX2 can receive it.

When we increase the baudrate to 460800. Jetson tx2 crashes with the OS indication suddenly shutdown.

Can the jetson TX2 receive serial data using baudrate of more than 115200?

If possible, how we can configure it?

Thank You.

I don’t know about that particular issue, but aside from shutdown, you will find that serial communications above 115200 speed probably requires two stop bits. I would first learn to set two stop bits at 115200, and then increase the speed.

Also, the naming convention “ttyS#” is for ordinary UART emulation (e.g., 16550A), the naming convention “ttyTHS#” adds DMA support. If the “#” is the same, then it is the same UART. The two modes use different drivers. Don’t use both drivers at the same time…pick one and stick to it. Probably I’d just pick the “ttyTHS#”. I don’t know which port is which on the elroy, but you’ll find the reason why serial consoles use the “ttyS#” syntax is because U-Boot itself does not have the DMA-capable driver and sticking with one setting gives continuity of service as U-Boot overwrites itself with Linux.