Can kernel and SDK be decoupled

Hi nvidai:

We hope that when we upgrade the new L4T release, we can just upgrade the SDK in the rootfs, and the system still work normally. However, the result of our test is that the system interface cannot be accessed after boot.

Is there a way to decouple the kernel from the GPU or SDK?

Do you mean only upgrading userspace? This may not work since the whole package including bootloader, kernel, userspace. Updating only one part may not work.

Hi Dane:

In most cases, we don’t want to upgrade the Kernel(without GPU) with L4T Release update.
However, our customers want to keep Jetpack up-to-date.

So, we’re looking for the ways to keep userspace(or with GPU) up-to-date only.
If there is no way at presen, will you follow up and support this issue?

We will have new features in new releases and certain changes in kernel drivers are required. May not be able to keep kernel unchanged. Please note this.

Hi Dane:

We‘ve tested keeping the older codes in kernel4.9 & nvidia folders with the updated codes in nvgpu folder when compiling kernel Image.

At present, the system could be used normally, except for running cuda related program error.

The new feature seems to be mainly related to gpu. Is it feasible to decouple GPU from other BSP for keeping the kernel codes except nvgpu unchanged?


We don’t guarantee the behavior for such case.