CAN line terminated resistor values?


As known, some CAN lines need terminated with resistor (60 Ohm or 120 Ohm). Should we do something like this in AGX? If yes, what is the value of resistor?

Further, what is the baudrate of CAN lines? Each one is high speed ?

Dear makman4

CAN bus ideally should be terminated with 60 Ohm (2 pcs of 120Ohm at each end of the bus)

Regarding the baudrate of CAN lines, please refer to the following link. Thanks.

Hi again,

Does AGX have these resistors internally? If yes, Are we able to program and use them?

If no, we need to build new circuit en of the CAN line, am I right?

Dear makman4,

No, there is no resistor DriveAGX internally, please build new circuit of the CAN line, Thanks.