Can M.2, Key E Expansion Slot Detect both pcie x1 and usb 2.0?

Dear Sir

I insert BCM4356 on reference board.
This chip bluetooth is from usb and wireless from pcie.
I should detect both device on my reference board(WIFI&BT)
But After I insert it only detect BT no WIFI.
And I change ODMDATA to 0x90000
I can detect WIFI but no BT(USB)
BCM4356’s USB is not USB 3.0
How can I detect both(PCIE&USB) on my reference board with BCM4356?

Please refer to and check how your HW is connected.

Do you connect B42, B43 only? Any other pins are connected?

Dear DaneLLL,
B42, B43 only. A19 is NC.

Hi, what are the pcie pins connecting WIFI?

Dear DaneLLL,

RX: H41, H42
TX: E41, E42,
CLK: B45, B45

Thanks you.

Hi DaneLLL

I find out what’s going on!!
But I got to change E50 to high all the time.
How can I set it always be high?

Hi yi,
Please refer to

and check your HW.

The problem is I want to use changing uboot or device tree to change E50’s status
not using hardware method.
It is easily to using solve this problem by hardware method(cut the circuit).
But we still want to know how to set E50’s high low by software.

Hi yi,
It is controlled by PCIe dirver:

Dear DaneLLL

Thanks for your help.