Can M2 SSD be added to Jetson Nano?

I use SD cards today with my Jetson Nano. Not comfortable to use, take a lot of time to program, but they are easy to replace.

Can I add M2 SSD? I could only find guides for the Orin, yet I have the “old” Nano. Is it possible to easily program onboard? To download the image into an external file while plugged on board?
Also, would I still need to boot from SD?

The old TX1 based Nano module has got two PCIe ports. Port #0 is a PCIe x4, and Port #1 is a PCIe x1.

On the Devkit PCIe #0 Lane 0 is routed to the M.2 Type E slot. Port #0 Lanes 1…3 are not used. PCIe #1 is used for the onboard Ethernet controller, since the TX1 chip on the Nano does not have integrated Ethernet.

Short Answer: The module could do it, but the Devkit carrier board can’t. There are no SSDs for M.2 Type E.

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Ha. There is a solution for you.

There are M.2 Type A/E SATA controllers like this one. This would fit into the Nano Devkit M.2 slot. You most likely won’t be able to boot from it - a small /boot partition still needs to be on the SDcard.

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