CAN message order wrong - candump

Hi there,

I am using the Jetson TX2 to receive CAN messages with the WaveShare SN65HVD230 as a transceiver.
I am getting messages from another CAN node (which is proven to work properly, we tested that) every 50ms (a system timestamp). These messages obviously should be received in the correct order so that I can work with them. Even though they are sent correctly (validated with another computer & tool) they are being received in the wrong order, meaning that lower numbered timestamps will be received and displayed after higher numbered timestamps.

I am using

candump can0

in order to receive the messages. Since I am quiet new to CAN, is there anything that you know would create such an issue ? Maybe a wrong baud rate ? Or similar things ? I hope this isn’t really bad. If you have any further questions, feel free to ask. Thanks.

Could you start with giving a log of what you’re receiving and what you expect to receive? Have you verified what’s being transmitted on the CAN bus using a separate tool?

I don’t believe its a baud rate issue.

If you get the packets at all, then the baud rate is correct.

Try hooking up a logic analyzer on the wiring to make sure that you’re actually getting the packets in the intended order on the wire.