Can MHZH29B-XTR do 40Gbps Fiber Ethernet?

MHZH29B-XTR with its 40Gbps QSFP+ and 10 Gbps SFP+ is sounds great for the price I can get them at.

I’m wondering, can it do 40Gbps fiber ethernet on its QSFP+ port that I can connect to my switch? Documentation states that it support fiber on in QSFP+ port, but does not state at what speed.

Hello Antonio,

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This adapter can only do 10GbE, 10Gb/s Ethernet. Only when using IB (InfiniBand) you can get a throughput of 40Gb/s

Be aware, this adapter is EOL and EOS for awhile and we do not provide support for this adapter anymore. Recommended is to use a more recent adapter like the ConnectX-4/5 or 6

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~NVIDIA Networking Technical Support